Aspartame Under The Microscope: The Bitter Truth About Your Sweet Substitute

The Bitter Truth About Your Sweet Substitute Is A Photo By Aspartame

Aspartame Has Been A Preferred Sugar Substitute Due To Its Low Calories

Safety Of Aspartame Has Recently Come Under Scrutiny From Two International Bodies

The Fda Has Determined The Safe Daily Intake Of Aspartame But The Extent Of Potential Risk Is Still Ambiguous

Cocacola And Pepsico Use Aspartame In Their Diet Beverages

Critical Roles In Understanding The Risk Profile Of Aspartame Are Played By The Two Separate Evaluations

The Results Should Give Consumers And The Scientific Community A Clear Understanding Of Whether Or Not There Is A Cause For Concern About Aspartame

The Importance Of The Upcoming Announcement Is Highlighted By The Controversial Nature Of The Subject

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